Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Street Fighter 2 Soundtrack on Vinyl!

Here's a mouth-watering proposition for any child of the 90s... Legendary arcade/console beat 'em up Street Fighter 2 (why am I even explaining what it is) is due for a deluxe vinyl release through Japanese label Brave Wave.

Here's what Brave Wave are saying:

The soundtrack release will include new remasters of both CPS-1 and CPS-2 versions of the arcade game, extracted directly from the arcade boards and approved by original composer Yoko Shimomura.
Fans of physical media will be treated with a double album that features liner notes by Yoko Shimomura and Polygon.com writer Matt Leone. Additionally, and for the first time in the series history, we will present with Capcom a limited edition vinyl release, carefully and especially remastered in translucent colored vinyl, with art prints sourced from the Capcom archive.

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It's gonna be a mad dash to order this when it finally comes out so here's hoping that day comes when I've got some money!

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