Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Freak of The Week 4: Afro Rock Festival (Various Artists)

Lions roar in the distance, hyenas wail and a cacophony of savannah sounds burble away as Assagai's Kondo begins, soon launching into a driving afro-percussion riff replete with monkey-calls and chirping birds, that loops for a few minutes before abruptly ending. 
With more safari soundscapes than you can shake a stick (or spear) at, and some pretty wild afro/rock n roll crossovers that err on the side of the afro, this compilation is pretty bonkers and a shoe-in for Freak of the Week. 

I can't find any of the tracks on the record available to stream on the internets, so perhaps you should wrap your ears around my latest mix, where Osibisa's Black Ant features...

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