Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ambassa feat Nichola Richards - Ride The Samples

“Ride The Samples” is a project that pays tribute to some of the original songs that - thanks to sampling - later became the building blocks of world-famous hip-hop classics.

Following up the sold-out success of the two previous singles released on 7’’ vinyl, “Ride The Samples” is Wakeditown’s first-ever LP. Produced entirely by Italian-born bass player and producer Matia ‘Ambassa’ Gobbo, it features London-born soul singer Nichola Richards on vocals throughout. The combination of an early-80s reggae style on the production and a sweet, soul-infused style of singing makes ‘Ride The Samples’ truly unique. Italian dubmaster Paolo ‘Dubfiles’ Baldini, perfectly completes the sound with his dub-flavoured distinctive mixing style.

“Ride The Samples” is our approach to preserving the mix of these genres, celebrating the original soul samples on which world-famous hip-hop classics are based.

Release date: 2 June 2017
Genre: Reggae / Dub / Soul
Label: Wakeditown Records
Format(s): LP / DIGI
Cat #: WDT0004


  1. Hi guys, there is an album mix with preview of every track. Here's the link:
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