Thursday, 3 December 2015

Our band has released a Charity single for the MS Society's Christmas Appeal!

Seasons like this need a hero... and when MRSL-01 receives the call, there's only one thing to do. The Mind-Reading Space Lasers spring into action, chasing Santa across the galaxy in a desperate bid to save Christmas and restore the cosmic balance... but who will prevail?

A bonkers video, a famous family, a noble cause, a mission to save Christmas from an intergalactic Santa Claus and… a Bob Geldof cover. That’s what The Mind-Reading Space Lasers, AKA Daniel and Adam Hignell, have in store this Christmas. 

The Brighton-based brothers have applied their analogue space-pop sound to one of the most iconic Christmas songs of all time... It's Band Aid, but turned up to 11, and wearing spandex leggings. 

They are aiming to raise money for The MS Society - a charity doing important research into curing and treating Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological disease which their father, ex-England rugby player and BBC broadcaster Alastair Hignell, was diagnosed with some 15 years ago 

So don your space-suit, dip into your pockets, engage warp drive and help the Mind-Reading Space Lasers can save Xmas! 

Made with a budget of £125, the video mimics the classic B-Movie’s of the 80’s, lovingly recreating the Betamax cassettes of that bygone era, dodgy tracking and all. The song is performed, written and arranged by the Mind-Reading Space Lasers, with special thanks to the ‘Space Cadets' - Jeannie and Alastair Hignell, Lucy Finchett-Maddock, John Guzek and Layla Hignell-Tully.
You can buy the single for £1, or donate more if you feel like it (its for a good cause after all!)

All proceeds go to The MS Society Christmas Appeal. The funds will be invested in Myelin Research,which could one day lead to a cure for this cruel, degenerative condition. Registered charity nos. 1139257 / SC041990.

How to support:
1) BUY THE TRACK HERE! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE MS SOCIETY CHRISTMAS APPEAL! https://themindreadingspacelasers.ban... 
YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - JUST CLICK 'I Do Not Have a Paypal Account' and you can pay with credit/debit card

Santa's gone bad! Instead of delivering presents, he's turning everything in the Cosmos into holograms, leaving a trail of festive destruction in his wake! Can anyone stop him? Does anybody care? Do they know it's Christmas time in space?


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