Thursday, 20 April 2017

Doseone: Enter The Gungeon/Disc Room

Our favourite rapper, possibly (sorry Aesop), Doseone is always making bold and unexpected moves. In fact calling him a rapper is a bit silly, since he's also a composer, painter, producer; a polymath of the highest calibre. His newest output sees him providing video game soundtracks for a couple of indie video games: Enter the Gungeon and Disc Room.
I can safely say I will never play the games themselves, but the audio work is quite remarkable... Disc Room comprises sub-minute snippets of sound designed for individual scenes (levels? chapters?) which are actually consecutive slices of the same song in succession. Enter The Gungeon's audio rattles along too, at a slightly more expansive average duration of around 1:30, and climaxes with the exceptional, eponymous theme, which is just bloody brilliant.

Available exclusively on Bandcamp, which is a shame as I'd love a vinyl copy.

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