Sunday, 27 August 2017

An overdue word on Stepisodes

Stepisode 14                                        

Stepisodes 14 just dropped, and for those who know that means another wryly hilarious rhyme-fest set to a revisionist video from the one and only Stepasaur.
For those who don't, Stepasaur is none other than Gee Ealey, he of Stepchild/Malachai fame, armed with his ridiculously high quality rap skills, some hilariously average impressions and an appetite for flipping 70s and 80s TV staples on their heads.

It's embarrassing for us that we've not blogged Stepisodes before, since they more than comfortably fit the CMFCP brief.

Please accept my apologies and whip out your viewing spectacles... let's start at episode 14, since it contains a topical tribute to the late Bruce Forsyth, starring in 'The Bru-Tang Clan'

And here's the whole collection for when you're done

If you want to own any of the tracks you can grab them from the Stepasaur Bandcamp page

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