Monday, 20 November 2017

Frenic - Initiation: Monomyth (Part 2)

Frenic - Initiation: Monomyth (Part 2)
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Neatly following our recent Concept Albums exposé, Bristolian Frenic delivers the second part of his ambitious Monomyth series, Initiation Part 2. We're treated to the chance to own this installment on a gatefold 12" LP via the popular Qrates crowd-funding model. A tantalising prospect for anyone interested in owning genuinely unusual small run pieces of audio brilliance. And you're here, so presumably, you are just such a person.

Musically, we can refer to Frenic's musical pedigree for a sense of the quality, attention to detail and depth of the fare on offer. Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop and lo-fi beats embroil the listener in a weaving, entrancing tale. If one feels they are on a journey, it's by design.
Monomyth is music set to the concept of 'A Hero with a Thousand Faces' by Joseph Campbell, in which the reader is presented with the idea that there is only one real story ever being told; a common theme that runs through all narratives. By understanding and identifying this, we can unlock the power of protagonism in our own journeys (heroic or otherwise)
Whether you wish to entertain such notions is entirely your choice - those choosing to appraise the music without existential debate will find a cohesive and satisfyingly impressive album spanning nearly 20 evocative tracks.
The Money in My Pocket single already introduced us to the sweet voice of Gracie Grey, while te other vocal collaborators, Erik Jackson and Digistep, bring markedly different styles but add shine to an already glossy package.

Your heroic journey presents you with several options to consume this feast: Stream through Apple Music, Download via Bandcamp above (on a Pay What You Want basis) or get yourself a delicious looking Gatefold LP for £15 through Qrates

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