Monday, 3 August 2015

Drumcell - Hypoxia

One of those minimalist synth gems that sold out the moment it was released, Hypoxia is one of the many 'homages' to sci-fi soundtracks from yesteryear, sonically dripping in all of the appropriate analog goodness. Recorded to tape from single takes upon a Buchla synth, then run through an analog reverb "with no post-production or overdubs", the two songs that comprise this 12" are beautiful and repetitive in equal measure, harbouring a dirty, earthy aesthetic born of the subtle drifts of oscillators on tape.

Limited to 200 pressings, Hypoxia comes in an assortment of five colors "carefully crafted by hand-mixing the vinyl materials. The clear plastic case is silk-screened with the Drumcell sigil in red ink and includes a 12x12 lithograph of Drumcell artwork created on a circuit-bent video processor". Marvellous.
Seems to be unavailable everywhere, but rumour has it Transmission will get a few more in soon.

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