Saturday, 1 August 2015

Self Defense Family - Heaven is Earth

A bit like normal rock music, but slower and without any hooks, and a singer who just angry talks over it all. Self Defence Family manage to be particularly weird by sounding so close to normality, coming off as simply too lazy to actually bother finishing writing songs - and yet, their songs have an underlying cleverness. Hints of unexpected keys, extreme repetition that seems to border on classical minimalism, and that relentless, grating voice that doesn't seem to be saying anything. The last album came with a whole extra slab of vinyl consisting entirely of one long interview with a 70's porn star. This time round, themes seem to veer between reports of explosions at science laboratories, buying the wrong flavour of teas by accident,  to existentialist discussions at King Arthurs table.

And to top things off, its produced by that chap from Converge and comes on see-through vinyl.

Get it at Deathwishinc. -

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