Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kamasi Washington - The Epic 1, 2. 3 plus poster triple vinyl

Brainfeeder continue to plough their furrow as champions of young(ish), experimental jazz composers with this triple vinyl press that follows its CD release earlier this year. The composer in question is 34 year old Kamasi Washington, an LA-based musician who previously won the John Coltrane Music Award at the tender age of 18. In the last couple of years he's guested on sax for names as diverse as they are famous - Stanley Clarke, Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar.
This triple vinyl package (complete with poster) is an imposing body of work, 17 tracks averaging around the 10 minute mark, of shifting, crescendoing jazz reminiscent of Stanley Clarke himself in places, as well as Miles Davis, Coltrane, Max Roach and Duke Ellington. It's very much a traditional jazz affair - there are no electronic/production tricks at work - just high-quality musicianship and hauntingly beautiful compositions that sound impressively timeless.
The Epic could easily be a dusty opus from 1961 in a faded, nicotine-stained sleeve. As it happens, it's a modern work of astonishing vision, with a depth of sound many can only dream of.

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