Friday, 9 October 2015

Mouse on the Keys - The Flowers of Romance

Arriving some 6 years after their last album, An Anxious Object, the new Mouse on The Keys album is notably weirder than their debut, whilst still retaining the danceable, piano post-rock of the original. Having previously paired a couple of keyboards with some exceptionally proficient drumming, the new album adds in a whole plethora of additional textures - saxophones, drum machines, drones, and a bloke from Envy on guitar. It is one of a few albums that could be described as post-rock and isn't A) made entirely by twenty-something white boys, and B) ludicrously boring. The Flowers of Romance manages to mix songs your mum would like alongside fodder for your most experimental art-wanker friend, and does so with a surprising degree of cohesion and musicality -indeed, I struggle to think of anyone who wouldn't be impressed by the scope, technicality, experimentation, and sheer fun this album offers.

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