Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fourtet - New Energy

Fourtet - New Energy

Kieran Hebden AKA Fourtet delivers his latest album New Energy - replete with customary sublime melodies and forward-thinking arrangements. New Energy is a warm, bounteous cavalcade of woozy synths, meditative rhythms and dynamic percussion that is somehow bold and club-friendly yet contemplative and tranquil.

Probably the closest thing in style to his much loved Roads album of 2013, particular highlights include the steel drum infused Lush, Two Thousand Seventeen, the ambient house of SW9 9SL and Planet. To give New Energy it's deserved respect you really need to sit down with the whole record and let yourself go, as it's one to take in as a whole. In a way that's to say it's lacking stand out tracks - no obvious belters, but as a package it's nonetheless satisfying.

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