Monday, 9 October 2017

Murlo - Wind Me Up

Murlo - Haze

Following the Akira repress feature by pure chance comes Mancunian melody-smith Murlo's Haze, taken from his new EP Wind Me Up. Fans of Machinedrum and Flume will adore the futuristic, sparse yet detailed productions, while anime fans will fall over themselves for the sumptuous artworks and videos created by the poly-mathematical protagonist himself.

The video to Haze is a simple still from the Wind Me Up artwork pallette. Musically, swooning, cascading synths, ambient touches and expressive keyboards meet staccato percussion amid deft arrangement and simple, prominent basslines. 

This piece wouldn't be complete without giving shine to Murlo's animation skills alongside the music. Below you'll find a selection of Merlot's Murlo's finest vintages (wine joke - sorry)

Trap-style in delivery and very much club-friendly, Tired of You retains a characteristic depth and sense of melancholy that lift the insistent, Grime bass and lead lines to heights a lesser producer wouldn't manage. The video that accompanies is nothing short of jaw-dropping, reminiscent of the best Japanese anim√©, a little Robert Crumb flavour adding menace to the slow-moving, captivating pictures. 

Glassy, chromatic and entrancing visuals galore - You & Me is somewhere between Audio-Visual installation and narrative music video, with the romance of the vocal and soft/hard juxtapositions within the music adding to the bittersweet aesthetic.

Finally, Into Mist blends hand drawn animation with computer manipulated imagery, set to a sprightly, percussive instrumental with Murlo's signature minimalist soulfulness in abundance.

See/hear more Murlo magic on his Youtube channel, and be sure to cop his brilliant Wind Me Up EP here 

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