Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Kafundo Vol 5 - Afro-Brazilian Roots & Wires

Kafundo Vol 5 - Afro-Brazilian Roots & Wires

Kafundo's explorations of Brazilian heritage music continue with the fifth installment in their series. Not many western people associate Brazil with African and Caribbean culture but in the North and North-west of the gargantuan country, Brazil boasts huge swathes of folk with such lineage. Spoken like someone who has read this in a textbook rather than see it with their own eyes. Still, musically-speaking if nothing else, some African or Caribbean influence generally means infectious rhythms, bold and sassy tunes and energy for days. None of these are qualities that Brazilian music has any danger of lacking, so when melded together we are treated to seriously high octane carnival sounds!

Kafundo Volume 5 is a crucial exposè of the finest modern Afro-Brazilian music incorporating traditional folk songs, samba and fully modernised bass music from some of the country's leading DJs and producers. Wonderful.

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