Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Frenic feat Gracie Grey - Money in my Pocket

Frenic feat Gracie Grey - Money in my Pocket
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Bristol-dwelling beatsmith Frenic returns with the first glimpse of new album Initiation: Monomyth Pt 2, the follow-up to his exceptional Separation: Monomyth record of 2014.
An instalment in the odyssean Monomyth series, Initiation purports to pick up the plot where Separation left off. Inspired by his DJ tours of Greece, Frenic drew from the wells of Grecian epics and elected to dedicate his considerable talents to realising a concept where music meets narrative. Monomyth charts the journey of the hero, who remains unidentified and could be anyone, everyone, or just one. After all, the mono myth is the One Story - the narrative of fact, the narrative of fiction, the narrative of the stories we paint in our minds to structure our experience of reality. In this parabolic playground we are invited to entertain our own ideas of what the plot may entail, while engrossing ourselves in the dense, cinematic and expertly crafted songs within. They say the album is dead, that our attention spans are too short to sustain across a full length record. Perhaps it's true for the majority, or perhaps it's a pernicious myth. Either way, those who can confound that logic will find time spent with Monomyth generously rewarded.

Catch up with the plot by delving into Monomyth: Separation, and follow further below with Money in My Pocket feat. Gracie Grey, the first taste of Initiation. It's an eerie, tensely beautiful trip-hop opus with a captivating vocal and impressively refined Spanish guitar from Gracie Grey and Chris Miller, respectively. The lyrics and cut vocal samples cleverly depict a setting wherein our protagonist is easily imagined taking stock of unsatisfactory circumstances and stacked odds, yet finding the resolution to begin some sort of quest. A fitting opening scene of Monomyth: Initiaton, then.

Monomyth: Separation

Money in My pocket feat Gracie Grey

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