Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Long Distance Dan - The Dust Man Stirs

Long Distance Dan - The Dust Man Stirs
Dusted Industries

Oh yes please. This is the kind of email submission that makes CMFCP very happy. Top drawer, cinematic, psychedelic beats crafted with abandon and no shortage of craftsmanship. To give an idea of where The Dust Man Stirs sits in the musical landscape, let's say you could file this album alongside the likes of DJ Shadow's early work, Edan, Boca 45, The Avalanches, Blockhead and DJ Food. However it would be an injustice to the artistry of Long Distance Dan to dwell too long on commonality - this is a remarkable album in its own right.
Apparently the name of the LP was provided by LDD's 2 year old son - startlingly prosaic! Gliding through 18 tracks in just 45 minutes, the range of styles and sample material is transfixing. Deliciously saturated drums throughout act as adhesive for these disparate styles, allowing Garage Rock, fuzzy Funk, Dub, Americana and a gaggle of other sound snippets to meld with a refined playfulness.
With sumptuous artwork by Sun Moth (AKA 2econd Class Citizen) The Dust Man Stirs is available through Bandcamp for whatever price you feel is appropriate

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