Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Bjork - The Gate (Video)

Bjork - The Gate

There aren't really the right superlatives in human dialects to describe Bjork, which is fitting since she is the type of artist that makes everyone wonder if they're really human at all. Similarly to the much-missed Bowie and Prince, Bjork is a creative force so fierce and unstoppable, so relentlessly progressive she appears to be a visitor from another, infinitely more beautiful, realm.
She's back with a new video The Gate, created in collaboration with

Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and artist Andrew Thomas Huang. 

It's predictably brilliant and brilliantly unpredictable.

Bjork has told Dazed magazine it's about "rediscovering love, but in a spiritual way - for lack of a better word". Perhaps the love of a mother for their child? I can't be sure, but the ball of energy that enters and leaves her abdomen at regular intervals throughout the video and the plaintive call of 'I will care for you' certainly give that impression. It's deeply touching, and technically, artistically mesmerising. She is a true auteur, her art light years beyond most of our comprehension. Her collaborators, aforementioned and also the ridiculously talented producer Arca, deserve great credit too. The sound design, the imagery, the sparsity, the songwriting: Majestic. Without compare. Scintillating. Stultifying. See? I really need some new superlatives.

Bjork's new album, procuced by Arca, is out soon on One Little Indian.

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