Friday, 15 September 2017

Sampha wins Mercury Music Prize with Process

Sampha - Process

Young Turks

Mercury Music Prize Winner

I'm not going to lay into Ed Sheeran online. For starters, I'd be very late to the party. Secondly, I really don't think he deserves the monstrous amount of negativity he receives from the self-proclaimed Music Heads across the globe. Thirdly, he's ginger. As a flame-haired brother-in-arms I'm with anyone that could navigate the school system of the 90s and emerge emotionally intact.
He's talented, he looks like someone you know from the pub, and he's insanely, inexplicably successful. I can't stand his music, but at least he writes it himself. At least he isn't another pretty boy puppet on the end of Simon Cowell's strings. Fair play to him.
Having said that, I'm infinitely pleased he didn't win the Mercury Prize, as he was tipped to do. If that is the best album of 2017 we're all doomed.

Sampha, on the other hand, released not only the album of the year, but possibly of the last five. Process is a spell-bindingly beautiful, gloriously unpolished album that lays bare the emotional journey he went through processing the death of his mother. It's a work of such staggering soulfulness it could reduce Putin to tears. Yet, in contrast to many emotionally-charged, melancholic records, it is never maudlin. Pure, raw, heartfelt and musically brilliant, the record begs to be listened to in entirety, although if you had to pick one track No-One Knows Me like the Piano is a towering example of Process' magnificence.

CMFCP would like to congratulate Sampha on a richly-deserved achievement! 

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