Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ozo - Anambra (Isle of Jura)

Ozo - Anambra

Isle of Jura

I'm in two minds here. This is very definitely Curious Music. I'm not convinced, however, that it's particularly good. That said, I feel there's a time and a place, possibly a state of inebriation, which would render listening to Ozo Anambra an exceptionally enjoyable experience.
Perhaps it's a victim of the stigma attached to chanting yogis and so on that means I can't help feeling like I'm in a holistic massage salon, rather than a transcendental state of bliss, which is probably not what cult 70s Dub-Folkers Ozo were trying to elicit. There's a point where I genuinely thought they were chanting 'Puff The Magic Dragon'.
At what point does an original concept become degraded by the existence of flattering, and sometimes mocking, imitators? Can we really view the origins of a trope through a lens unclouded by our knowledge of future mimickry? Where do clich├ęs begin? 
As much as the Anambra sounds like the orgy scene soundtrack in Anchorman, it was the 70s when this was recorded, and I bet seeing Ozo perform it would have totally kicked ass. 
Plus you get a free tote bag with every order. So, swings, roundabouts, you know... 'Ommmmmmmmmmm'

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