Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mark Rae - Northern Sulphuric Soulboy *Half-Price Sale*

Mark Rae's brilliant album and book combo Northern Sulphuric Soulboy is at half-price for a limited time! For those who don't know, Mark is a seminal player in the UK hip-hop and beats scene from his time heading up the legendary Grand Central Records, writing hits with Rae & Christian (whose new album is part of the bundle) and an endless list of other heavyweight credits. He's also travelled the earth with his records and can chart the emergence of hip-hop in the UK with authority. His story is particularly fascinating as it coincides with the rise and fall of sampling, the lawsuits leading to the collapse of Grand Central and his ensuing exile to America.

 Over to the press department with further particulars: 

"To mark the anniversary of this groundbreaking release, we are offering the book/vinyl for half price as well as the last Rae & Christian CD "Mercury Rising"! The 10" vinyl that fits in the books cover has 6 new tracks featuring Tony D, Pete Simpson and Kate Rogers. Two additional tracks and all of the instrumentals are included with the digital download. The music provides a perfect partner for the stories within the book as the influence of 80's soul, hiphop, gogo and the traditions of Grand Central Records are heavily leant upon. The book begins in Tyneside in the early 70's as Mark's first exposure to music begins, before going on to explore the late 80's Manchester club scene, Fat City, Grand Central, Rae & Christian and Yesking. The book also covers Mark's time in Los Angeles and the recording of the Mercury Rising album. Jimmy Turrell the man behind the artwork took Mark's old photographs to make a sublime montage that spans the entire inner gatefold and captures a visual history of the books contents." 

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