Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Hober Mallow - Change

Hober Mallow - Change

Hober Mallow came to my attention on Soundcloud, sporting some extremely tasty Disco edits. His selections were indicative of a fellow with impeccable taste, so I was intrigued to know more. Turns out he makes some slinky, lo-fi electro-soul, reminiscent of perhaps Andrew Weatherall or the kind of 80s oddity that Andy Votel would dig up from 1980's Romania.

I don't often associate Australian music with subtlety, despite the welcome and high-quality resurgence of Disco from Down Under, so it's great to hear someone keeping the avant-garde spirit of unheralded Australian 70's sci-fi pop group Cybotron alive and well!
If anyone can correct my ignorance of Australian avant-garde music, please feel encouraged to drop a comment.

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  1. The 70s were a bit sparse I believe, in terms of aussie experimental electronica, with the exception of groups like Cybotron and IQ. Alot of it had to do with access to and cost of equipment. By the early 1980s this had definitely begun to change though.
    There are a bunch of excellent compilations starting to surface of Aus and NZ electronica from that time, including "Midnight Spares" on the Efficient Space label, and also the recent Closed Circuits compilation