Friday, 1 September 2017

Claire Northey - Mavromati

Claire Northey - Mavromati                              
CHK One (Bandcamp)                                       

Claire Northey is a French Bristol-dweller with a loopstation, a violin, a voice and a vivid imagination. Using but these simple tools* she's created a really delicate, beguiling album of genuine quirkiness.

Mavromati is a 9-track effort comprising live performances recorded in one take, using aforementioned tools. Musically the tone is folky, reminiscent of another Bristol act I Am Horse, or possibly The Books. The Books' brand of shuffling art-jazz was remixed to great effect by Prefuse 73 a few years back, and it's easy to see how the similarly crafted tones of Claire Northey made an attractive collaborative proposition with Radio 6's much-heralded DJ Yoda... between them they created a Radio 6 Music 'Album of The Day' no less. 

Here. we're invited to a stripped back, oftentimes humourous and compelling exposition of expert musicianship propelled by giddy playfulness - there's a palpable sense of fun combined with a jaunty academia. The musical equivalent of playing Knockout Ginger with Noam Chomsky. Or something. Anyay, it's really good. Go buy.

More on Claire Northey here

*Nick Oakley also contributed flugelhorn, but acknowledging that ruins my journalistic flow. Fake news!

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